Sunday 9 February 2020

Joan's Beautiful Card Tricks Quilt

Joan's quilt turned out beautiful and I love the splash of red throughout the quilt.

Love the red splashes of color.
Made with love for her grandson's graduation (who wanted a blue quilt), is sure to be treasured for many years to come.  

The topstitch pattern, Scribble Back, was the perfect pattern for this quilt adding a modern flair and still maintaining a masculine feel perfect for a young man.

It is such a fun pattern giving a lot of motion to the quilt.  A pattern with straight lines would have overpowered the angles of the 'card tricks'.

So much fun.
Back shows well.
Scribble Back is such a fun pattern to do, turn the music up and get into the loop groove. lol.

Joan also had me sew the binding on.  This way it will take her no time to finish the last bit by hand.

Seriously Pinned will bind your quilts and as in Joan's case get the binding on for you, nice and trimmed, corners pinned and ready to sit, have a cup of tea and relax while doing a little hand work.

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