Monday 29 March 2021

Beach Glass

 Elizabeth brought in this lovely quilt called Beach glass,

Another very large quilt that almost took up the whole longarm.

Elizabeth came in with definite instructions for big swirls or whorl pools for her quilt.  The pale mist thread was perfect.

The back

A wonderful quilt and what a lot of work sewing all those little squares.  Aren't quilters wonderful!!

Thursday 25 March 2021

Bunnies, birds, and dancing shamrocks.

 I had a lot of fun with Kathy's spring hangers and table toppers.

Once again done on the same backing and at the same time saving a few easter dollars.

The bunnies turned out great with a little thread and a few starts and stops.  Worth the extra time.

This is the smaller one.

They will make wonderful wall hangings, one for Kathy and one for her daughter.

A little more thread play to show off the birds.

Then of course the dancing shamrocks, made it to Kathy's house before Saint Paddy's day.  A little bit of luck is always welcome.

Had to show a closeup of the bunnies though,  To cute and all with a different hairdo.  lol.

Monday 22 March 2021

Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt

 Don't you just love the colors in Rose's Mystery Quilt!!

The orange and grey with a splash of bright green is a wonderful combination.

The zig-zag border finishes it brilliantly.

Large meandering feathers in sterling silver thread was the perfect topstitch pattern.

They also really matched the backing.  Beautiful quilt Rose.  

Saturday 13 March 2021

Hello Kitty, in blue.

 Rose has done it again. Always a pleasure to work on her quilts as they load so beautifully.

So many tiny pieces.  I loved the Hello Kitty fabric that she used and the kitty faces that popped up here and there.

Rose had especially asked for whirls.  Always a fun pattern to topstitch.  Big ones and small ones to fill in spaces. Perfect for a quilt with a lot of straight lines.


the back

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Almost too big!!

 Sandra brought in a quilt top that had been sitting in her closet for over 20 years and needed finishing.  It was huge and almost to big for the longarm at 122" wide!

It took every inch of space to load with no room left for the head.

Being Sandra's only quilt she has or will make (a direct quote) it was a little wonky in places and took a little fudging to finish.  Choosing the fan pattern I was able to move the paper copy a little this way and that with an absolute stunning finish.

Caulk pencil, a template and a ruler.

So large it had to be folded and draped to see only the center portion on the wall.  Hoping Sandy will send me a photo once it is bound and on her bed.  Now for some highlights.

The center.

The back.

Many borders.

Look at all the pretty fans.

Friday 5 March 2021

Lighthouses, anchors and buoys.

 What a wonderful picture quilt Joan has made showcasing lighthouses.  

Leaving Joan's beautiful embroidery writing around the inner border untouched, the original thought was to fill the outer and blank spaces with seashells and anchors.

See the sailboat?
I quickly changed to adding anchors, and buoys, and warning flags.

Such a fun quilt to topstitch.  I took liberties adding a warm fire in the hearth (chimney smoke), a quarter moon in a starry sky, even a sailboat in the distance.

 Beacons of light on a stormy night and a flash of lightning in the distance.

Picture quilts are always a joy to do and a chance to be a little creative.  Joan's quilt was no exception.

A wonderful quilt!

Mom's Little Monsters.

 I've been having a ball making Mom's Little Monsters on days that we are not renovating Tyler's shop.   Lurch Lurch in his butl...