Sunday 20 March 2022

Mom's Little Monsters.

 I've been having a ball making Mom's Little Monsters on days that we are not renovating Tyler's shop.  


Lurch in his butlers suit and his heart tucked safely under his jacket.

Then we have Anti-Bell with her crazy hair, arms to short for hugging but lips perfect for sloppy and sweet kisses.


Even Sammy thinks she is cuddly.

Like I said "I've been busy" and having a ball.  These are the funnest sewing projects I've had in a while.  

Ralphy; slightly crazy and really obnoxious.  Named after the younger brother in a Christmas Story.  A little softy at heart.

Then there is the last one still not quite finished, Bucky.

Don't you just love his skullet.

Bucky is a ruff and tumble guy, cool in his hair net and wearing his heart on his sleeve.  Although not quite finished (he is missing a tie) Bucky is quite a fetching fellow.


If you are interested in any of Mom's Little Monsters you can  send me an email at or add a comment below.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Making Dolls

 I have had a ball the last few days making dolls.  I has been to cold to do reno's at the shop so thought I would make a few dolls to go with the doll furniture we are planning to CNC.

I pulled out the dye-able fabric and tea stained it.  It worked perfectly for the face and the body.

A little purple hair and rosy cheeks make Prickly Petunia a real cutesy!

Orange fabric for the clothes.

It had been a long time since I made doll clothes (50 years, yikes).  The pants were pretty straight forward but it took me a bit to get the top right.  Still not happy with it but will try again later.

She turned out cute.

Prickly Petunia

A little precocious. 

Then I made Cindy 

Thought I would make a couple of scary ones next.
To much fun!!

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Going to be slow catching up on my blog

 but I will be keeping up the Terry and Tyler's blog at

So please check the Adventure blog and see what we are up to in Shaunavon!!

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Having fun with acrylic paints.

 I started playing with acrylic pours when we lived in NS. Tyler (my son) and I redid the countertops in a acrylic pour and then rosined over them.

It was a great project and my introduction to acrylic cup pours.

I hadn't ventured very far from the typical cup pour and over the years made a few impressive canvases.  

Peaches and Cream

As all things must progress so must I.  As of late I have been trying out a few new technics and pouring tools. 

This is a acrylic swipe using moistened paper towel to drag the paint across the canvas.  I was fun and so cool to do that I did a series in different colors.  Blue, black, green and pink.  The pink is awful (not my favorite color) but kind of cool too!  They look like a side view of the milky way.

Since moving to Shaunavon SK. I have had the opportunity to expand my rapporteur and use a few new tools.  I has helped that the winter here has been cold enough that I don't want to go outside, -32c. yikes!  

My favorite has been the lazy susan.  Being able to spin the pictures creates all kinds of cool effects.

But there have been a few epic fails as well.  Here is my attempt at using a pot scrubber to make wheat like flowers.


I'll leave you with a blown acrylic pour.  Tyler modified a hair drier for me so it only blows cool air.  That and a small water balloon to create this beauty.


Needless to say I've been having fun and keeping busy; although I have no idea what I am going to do with all these pictures.  For some reason they keep stacking up, lol.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

New Year in Shaunavon.

 I know that it has been for ever that I have updated the bog.  Lots has happened since we left Saint John in July.

We traveled across Canada with the thought of staying at a many Harvest Host and free spots but found that we needed AC more than free.  Gas was atrocious and our main cost.  Having said that it was wonderful to visit our own country. 

Tyler enjoying the farm land in Quebec.

We made it home to Creston BC to visit with mom and Keith for a week before heading out to see if we could buy a RV park in southeastern Saskatchewan.  Very disappointed when they took the sale off the market the same day we made our offer.

We ended up bumming around SK for a few weeks and found a lovely spot in Eastend.  Then a house in Shaunavon that was perfect for our budget.  It was perfect timing as fall was quickly turning into winter.

Our cute little house with its new roof!!

Our little house needs a few renos, waterlines, electrical replaced in places (its missing) and I'm slowly (very slowly) getting it painted.  Speaking of painting I've taken up acrylic pours and been having a ball.  

I'll get back in the swing of blogging and show you some of the pieces I've been having fun with.  But back to Saskatchewan. 

Beautiful sun dogs taken Dec 16.

Woke up to -32 c this morning.  We actually had to start the little heater to take the chill off the living room which was only 12c .  The weather says that it is -44 c with the wind chill but I think I will stay in today and not test it.

Yesterday it was a little foggy and all the trees were covered in hoar frost.  I took this pic of our big tree in the front yard.  It might be cold but it is very beautiful.  

Tyler is busy getting everything in order to start his own business this spring.  He is opening up a CNC shop called Prairie Matter Workshop and Studio. He has even created a idea book if you would like to check it out.

Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy the beauty of winter.


Monday 28 June 2021

In the trees.

 We are loving our new spot in the trees at Rockwood Park.  Even the kitties have been enjoying it more. Climbing trees and chasing after the squirrels.   I've been keeping up on the walking and here are a few shots of the flowers that abound in the park.

Phlox covering the hillside on the way up to Fisher lake.

Yellow iris here and there.

Purple iris alongside.

Of course we have to include the mommy duck and her babies.

With all the fog and rain the last few days it has been short walks and a lot of indoor time.  I'm working on getting to the center of the galaxy (No Man's Sky) and finishing up Tyler's Christmas sweater.  Almost done.
Carl likes to play too!!

I've been saying every evening when I go to bed that I'm going to pull out the sewing machine and finish making the bench covers.  And every morning find many other things to do.  Oh well I have lots of time and they are cut out (the bench fabric pieces),lol.

Monday 7 June 2021

Rockwood Park

 It has been wonderful spending time at Rockwood Park.  The campground is so close to trails, lakes and outdoor activities.  

Living like a gypsy definitely has its advantages.  Up in the morning, coffee and a shake, then off for a stroll for an hour or so.  I've been averaging 4 to 5 km a day.  


I think I've tried every trail on the campground side of the park, even a few not listed.  The wild flowers have been spectacular.

Lots of deer, chipmunks and birds. I'm sure there are lots of other critters in the surrounding bush.

Lunch at Lilly Lake Restaurant at least once a week.

Even Carl and Sammy are having a good time.  It was wonderful how quickly they remembered being on a leash and harness.

So we are having fun and enjoying all that Saint John has to offer before heading back west in a few weeks.  We even opted to stay for an extra month.  So nice to relax and enjoy the park.

Mom's Little Monsters.

 I've been having a ball making Mom's Little Monsters on days that we are not renovating Tyler's shop.   Lurch Lurch in his butl...