Sunday, 18 October 2020

2 Pumpkins and an Owl

 Well it was really 4 pumpkins, just on 2 toppers.  Kathy brought in a pieced back with a wonderful owl to topstitch and to save a little, brought in 2 table toppers to do at the same time.

3 for the price of 1.

A pieced back for all.

The owl was terrific if not a little challenging to topstitch. The fusible web she used was having difficulties maintaining a grip but by the time the topstitching was finished with a wandering leaf pattern, nothing was coming off!

Look at those eyes!!

In the owl we decided to topstitch little scrolls.  It was a perfect way to ensure that all the small cutout flowers held their place.


Using a lilac thread for the owl and then a green/grey thread for the background made sure that the owl was the centre of attention in this wonderful wall hanging.  

Well worth the challenge of the webbing used.  I had never seen fusible web that gummed up a needle like this one did.

Bad needle!!

Using the green/grey thread for the background worked perfectly to continue right on into the 2 pumpkin toppers.  And how much fun is making spider webs freehand on these ready for halloween pumpkins?

I thought afterward that I should have placed a spider on each topper.  Now that would have been spooky!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Bright and Bold Botanicals

 When I phoned Lynne to pick up this quilt I asked if I could buy it.  I love the colors and the bright fabrics she picked.  

Of course she said no.... "you couldn't afford it"! lol!  She had made this for her and that was that.

I could see why and although I hated to see it out the door it gives me inspiration to make a bright and bold quilt for myself.

Lynne did such an awesome job of selecting just the right color and pattern to go in the right location in the blocks.

I also really liked how she placed a yellow row of centers then a orange row.  Zig-zaggy purple and wow. 

Bright pink back

Such a lovely and fun quilt Lynne, thanks for letting me topstitch it for you.  I had  fun adding the final touches to your quilt.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Tree of Life

 A friend of Lynne's bought this beautiful fat quarter bundle and gave to Lynne as a gift.  Lynne then made this stunning Tree of Life lap quilt to give back to her as a thank you.  Isn't friendship wonderful!

Lynne did a wonderful job of measuring and cutting the fat quarters in the bundle to frame the Tree of  Life panel.

Lots of cutting (and see the butterfly?)

Then using a minky backing to really make this a warm and cuddly quilt which really shows of the topstitch pattern as well.

minky back

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Just for the fun of it!!

 Sometimes you have to make something just for the fun of it.  I have a closet upstairs in the bathroom that is without a door.  It had a simple white curtain in front that had seen better days.  So I decided to make a quilt just for it, and just for the fun!!

He was a lot of fun to make and using white freezer paper, very easy.  I wasn't sure about the eyeball but once on it was perfect.

The eye!!

His cap worked out well using a hand dyed fabric with a tad of tye-dye magic.  All in all I thought he was a handsome fellow.

A handsome fellow

Topstitching Squiddly was the fun part.  I added seaweed to the bottom and a slightly turbulent water pattern to the top half.

the back

If I ever get tired of looking at the front we can always turn him around for a whole new look.

And of course, wanting to maximize the backing I was able to fit a few Christmas toppers onto the longarm at the same time.

2 candle mats


Table topper

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Florence's 9 Patch Quilt

 The second quilt Florence sent from Moncton was this beautiful 9 patch quilt.

I love adding chandelier drops on the borders, it looks so classical and elegant.

A perfect match to the cathedral windows created when you topstitch consecutive 4 point petals. 

Very pretty

Once again white on white making Florence's quilts classic and stunning.


Thursday, 1 October 2020

The Quilting Queen

 I have started calling Dorothy's mom Florance the Quilting Queen.  She has been sending me quilt after quilt to be topstitched. 

Dresden Plates

At 88 years young Florence still hand stitches the plates onto each block before sewing them together.

Florence also loves white and insists that the longarm thread be white and the pattern traditional.


Which is just fine with me although at  times when the light is just wrong seeing the white thread on white fabric can be a challenge.

Very pretty back

  Worth every start and "where am I"? 

Friday, 25 September 2020


 This is the most romantic quilt I have ever done.  Bev brought in this lovely Turned Corner's quilt for David.

David made this quilt top for his girl friend.  Wow!! It is bright and bold and big.

But how romantic is that..... 

Back topstitch with big bold flowers.

Nice to know romance is still well and alive in the world of quilting...a very romantic art indeed.

2 Pumpkins and an Owl

 Well it was really 4 pumpkins, just on 2 toppers.  Kathy brought in a pieced back with a wonderful owl to topstitch and to save a little, b...