Saturday 19 February 2022

Making Dolls

 I have had a ball the last few days making dolls.  I has been to cold to do reno's at the shop so thought I would make a few dolls to go with the doll furniture we are planning to CNC.

I pulled out the dye-able fabric and tea stained it.  It worked perfectly for the face and the body.

A little purple hair and rosy cheeks make Prickly Petunia a real cutesy!

Orange fabric for the clothes.

It had been a long time since I made doll clothes (50 years, yikes).  The pants were pretty straight forward but it took me a bit to get the top right.  Still not happy with it but will try again later.

She turned out cute.

Prickly Petunia

A little precocious. 

Then I made Cindy 

Thought I would make a couple of scary ones next.
To much fun!!

Mom's Little Monsters.

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