Wednesday 12 February 2020

Perfect for a growing little girl.

Terry came to me asking for a quilt that his brand new granddaughter could grow up with.

Rail Fence
Terry originally had a nautical theme in mind but after looking for the appropriate fabric and having no luck we settled on a jelly roll called Bubble Pop.  It turned out beautiful and perfect for a growing little girl. 
Follow the loops to the daisies.

Lots of color and plenty of interesting shapes and details to make any little kid happy.  And one of my favorite games as a kid was to follow the pattern.  This twin size quilt has loops and daisies to trace to her heart's content.

lots of shapes

  The back and binding fabric go perfect with the front which also has blue with white polka dots in it.


There was enough fabric left to also make a cute little dolly blanket to go with with the quilt.  Even though Terry's granddaughter is to young today it won't be long before she is tucking in her dolly just like grandpa tucks her in at night.

Dolly's blanket.

So although Terry was disappointed that this cute little quilt didn't have a nautical theme I think his granddaughter will grow up loving it and know she has the best grandpa ever.

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