Sunday 28 June 2020

Showering Stars

Marilyn bought this lovely kit, Falling Stars, in Calgary.  The lovely purple was just too hard to resist.

When I showed Marilyn the pansy pantograph she agreed that it would be perfect.  Matching all the flowers in the fabric of the quilt.


Topstitching the panto length wise to match the 'falling stars' worked perfect as it went with the grain and not against.

I love how the lighter purple thread wanders through the quilt showing well in both the light and dark fabrics.

Although this is the second 'falling stars' quilt off the longarm it is amazing that no two are the same. 

Cool back

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Warning Buoys

This has been one of the funniest and perhaps the ugliest quilt I've ever made.

So ugly that it is cute.  I remember the first time I started placing all of the circles on the checkered background, my son remarked that they reminded him of warning buoys.  So hence the name.

The quilt originated from the leftovers from a Melon quilt still in the works (waiting for the longarm).   4 triangles with a curve sewn together to make circles.  Then the back cut out from behind the appliqued   circles to make smaller circles.

Water and anchors
I love using all the pieces as I quilt.  It is always amazing what comes out of them.

To finish it off, water and anchors topstitched adds to the nautical theme.  Last but very important, don't forget to add the made by label.

Matching back.
Place of honour on the deck swing.

Friday 19 June 2020

Worldy Travels

A wonderful quilt with fabrics showing travels of the world.  Maps, sea life, hieroglyphics and sailing the world.  Dorothy created this quilt she calls 'Travels'.

It was so funny that when we were discussing the topstitch pattern to go on the quilt we forgot to talk about the border. 

A sailing we will go.
So I carried the pattern into the border for this wonderful chandelier effect.  Being careful to leave at least a 1/2 inch so the binding does not cut off the ends of the chandeliers.  It is going to look great hanging along the edge of the bed.

The blue jean color thread was a perfect match for the quilt.  Not in your face but makes a light statement hump and bumping its way throughout the quilt.

 I especially liked the two 'flower' patterns made in the large triangle blocks with the double in the 4 patch. Almost like mapping the longitude lines of the world.

Look at the back.

Another wonderful quilt Dorothy.  A pleasure to quilt!

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Little Huts of Africa

This very special wall hanging of Dorothy's Huts in Africa is made of shirts and fabric sent back home from family members.

Huts from Africa

Each little hut is a memory of weddings, special occasions, and day to day life in Africa.

Topstitched with a simple zig-zag pattern to match the hut roof line is just enough to hold this wall hanger together and show off the houses.

Complete with palm trees and cooking pots, this small quilt will make Dorothy and her family smile whenever she walks by it. 

A wonderful way to make a memory quilt.                                                                                 
Great matching border and back.

Saturday 13 June 2020

Roses from Ireland

Clair brought back all these wonderful old fashion fabrics from Ireland and wanted a topstitch pattern to match.
Irish chain quilt
Irish chain quilt.

Once she saw the rose garden pattern she was in love.  

Matched with a meandering leaf in the 9 patch blocks.

Roses surrounded by meandering leaves.

The pattern matched all the wonderful old world fabrics to a tee.  Using a very light butter yellow thread showed the topstitching better than matching it with white.  It was important to keep the same thread color tone as the overall color tone of the quilt.  

No two roses are the same,
      Clair is going to enjoy this quilts for many years and will always smile when it reminds her of her visit to Ireland.

A beautiful quilt with lovely old world charm.

The back, a perfect match.

Tuesday 9 June 2020


I fell in love with Terry's quilt the moment I saw it.  Simple and stunning!!
Indigo Aztec

With all the straight lines we decided to topstitch feathered scrolls (also one of my fav's) to give an interesting movement thoughout the quilt.

The nice thing about the freehand feathered scrolls is that they look a little bit tribal as well.  Like scrolls you might find on an Inca wall.

Then a very light butter yellow thread to help pop the yellow in the quilt and this stunning quilt is read to be bound and enjoyed.!

 Thanks Terry for letting me topstitch this wonderful quilt and for sharing the pattern with me.  Wonder what it would look like in red and black?

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Rose's Hunter Star

Rose's Hunter Star is beautiful and cool all in one statement.

Reminds me of snowflakes.

Wanting to show off the stars we decided on a flower motif that extended to each other.  The effect was a simple snowflake.

Each star extends to the next.
To make sure it was the 'snowflakes' we were showing off, a simple meander in the inner squares popped the stars even more.

Making the thread the same tone as the quilt makes it part of and not an added feature.  But look at the back.....brilliant.

Look at the back.....

Mom's Little Monsters.

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