Saturday 27 February 2021


 This is the last quilt of Pauline's January Big Box to show you.

I called the pattern Bricks only because it looked like bricks on a wall to me.  I had way to much fun topstitching this quilt with scribbles.

At one time I thought the longarm was going to burst into flames I was traveling so fast.  In the groove!

It is a wonderful topstitch pattern for the times that you do not want flowers or a feminine look.  But all the curved lines on the straight pattern is wonderful. Very cool.

A nice neutral back.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

January's big box 3


Nice panel.  Going to make a wonderful wall hanging.

Matching back.

Lots of water and echoing.

Isn't he beautiful?

Two more fun panels.

Sharing the same back.

A fun panel to do.

These were all quilted on my domestic machine.  Pauline had started a few of them making it hard
to finish on the longarm.  All were stitched using my walking foot. Even the curved and round stitching. 

See the little tea pot on the back.  These paper pieced cups are about 2" x 2".  So cute!!

Can you see the butterfly.  Going to make a wonderful bag.

Yes, done with the walking foot.

Small little quilts and I am unsure what Pauline has in mind for the odd shaped one?

Look at all the tiny little pieces.  Each about a half inch.

The largest of the lot.  

Sunday 21 February 2021

January's big box 2


Great Lap Quilt or large table center.

I had fun with freehand topstitching.

Sharing the same back.

Fun little squiggles.

Can you see the birds?

So nice and crisp.

Much larger lap quilt on it's own back.

Very pretty.

Thursday 18 February 2021

The big January box!!

 Yes Pauline has saved the day (or month) again.  January is always the slowest month in the longarm business so Pauline's biggest box yet was perfect timing. For the next few blogs I thought I would show lots of pictures and not a lot of writing. So enjoy!

Table toppers!

Card Tricks

Log Cabin

Very cute label for the back.

Lots of small quilts.

Showing off the back.


Great table runner.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Valentines day (I'm late)

 I had meant to post Pauline's wonderful "All My Hearts" quilt for Valentines day but some how it got lost in the long weekend.

It turned out fabulous!! As always Pauline did a wonderful job of piecing and placing the hearts.

I really enjoyed topstitching all the hearts this way and that.

Big and small, lots of movement and just perfect for her new Valentines quilt.

Have an extra heart, perfect for making a label for the back. I love it!!

Monday 8 February 2021

Big Snow

 For some reason I have a terrible time sleeping during a storm.  Up at 2:30 am taking pictures that I thought I would share with you.

Street light!

The snow was blowing so hard it was caking to the windows.  You could see across the street but not much more.

One thing about having a higher stoop is that the snow drifted right off the top and there was not to much to push over.

Tyler making headway.

  It is a good thing I have a young, strong son in the house as it would take me all day to clean up all the snow in time for work.

Almost a full 9" last night.
It reminds me of Nakusp, BC and the pile of snow in front of my house.  Not quite as tall but getting there.

The storm is pretty much over by 8:00am this morning and hopefully I can catch a nap later today.  Make up for being to nosy in the wee hours of the morn. lol

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Victorian Thread Play

 Pauline ask if I could make a few small whole quilts for her that matched this photo.

She sent a bit of blue fabric with specific measurements that she needed.  2 - 11 x 18" and 3 - 8" squares.

This is what she got.  The first one I did in the more traditional color on color but was disappointed the the blue on blue just disappeared.  I had to 'go bold or go home' as the saying says.


You can hardly see the butterfly pattern in the top and as I used a black backing (and black batting) the blue came out with a little more detail.  Now for the gold!!


It turned out gorgeous.  And what a lot of fun to do.  I did draw out the pattern I wanted to do with a heat erase pen. 

Sorry for the camera color way to much light.

It was fun to draw out the basic design and then play with patterns in-between.

the 8" x 8" quilts

I decided not to fill in the empty spaces, which is a little untraditional but I really liked the look.  Thought it showed off the design and not overpower the overall piece.

It was a fun project and I think I'd like to make a bigger one, maybe with a medallion or a mariners compass for the theme.

Mom's Little Monsters.

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