Sunday 31 January 2021

Kathy's Added Quilts

 As promised last blog, Kathy's smaller quilts that were topstitch onto the bottom fabric of her Snowball Quilt.

The tulip quilt will be a hanger for her daughter who just loves her moms quilting and requested a spring quilt to hang.

Tulips all in a row!

So springy!
I really like the detail work to show off the tulips features,  echoing the leaves, detailing the petals and a springy stem.

Just in time for Valentines day... a smaller heart quilt.

Feathered hearts

Hearts and feathers always seem to go together.  Matched with a informal border of loops and hearts making this little topper perfect for any table (or hanger).

Kathy was not sure I would be able to fit this last quilt onto the bottom of her snowball quilt but there was plenty of room.

As she had said for me to do whatever to this cute little Christmas tree quilt, I did!  Little stars for the top and a back and forth topstitch that gives the trees a bit of motion.  To fill the blank spaces I had thought about another tree but went with stars just to add a little more detail and interest.  It turned out really cute.

Thursday 28 January 2021

Colored Snowballs!!

 Colored snowballs! What a wonderful bright snowball quilt Kathy made.  It's brilliant!

What would be better for a bright and bold quilt? Why Terry's favorite flowers big and bold to match the quilt.

Big and bold!

Even the thread color we used is a statement, it is called Passion, bright pink and beautiful.

And just look ant the back, Kathy did a great job of adding a few strips to her pieced back.  Not an easy thing to do with that much fabric.

Kathy also had a few table topper/hangers to topstitch so we added them to the bottom of the quilt, but that is for the next blog.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Christmas Church

 Beth is getting a early start on next Christmas with this lovely Church.

Although she bought this lovely panel in Brittan she said it reminded her of a local church.

I had a lot of fun echoing all the details of the panel making the trees and wreaths really pop.

Beth also matched the gold thread perfectly.  Helping to make the scroll work stand out just the right amount.

Matching back.

Simple border.

  It turned out beautiful and I am sure it will hang in a place of honor next Christmas season.  Or perhaps for the rest of the year?

Friday 22 January 2021

Ironing Table Cover

 Pauline sent me a request to make a ironing table cover.  Hers has seen better days and she needed an replacement.

After thinking about it and what I needed and how to go about it, I remembered that there was a large sample/test piece of fabric that had a layer of batting and 3 layers of poly/cotton that I use to play on or use to practice on.  So I filled in a few spots with random threads ( a great way to use up half finished bobbins) and these are photos of the final pad.

It is all made and ready to go in Pauline's next box from the west coast.  I cant wait to see how it looks when she sends a photo back of the ironing pad in place.

Practice makes for to much fun!!

Here is a photo of Pauline's new ironing table.  Looks great doesn't it?!!

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Chandelier Quilt

 Kathy's Chandelier quilt is gorgeous. 

I love how she placed the crystals from light to dark.


Kathy decided on a topstitch pattern that created movement and added to the detail of the quilt.

Meandering ribbons,  a fun pattern that flows from one side of the quilt to the other cascading downward with Kathy's chandeliers.

Topstitched with a light pink thread that is hardly noticeable against the creamy background.

Very pretty quilt Kathy.

Saturday 16 January 2021

The Christmas Tree Farm

 Clair made this very cute tree farm quilt for her brother for Christmas.  He has a tree farm, how perfect is that!!

It was so much fun to topstitch.  

Lots of little extra topstitching to really make the gnomes beards and hats stand out.  As well as creating wheel wells on the truck.  Adding dimensions to make things really stand out.

Tree Farm!!

I hope your brother just loved it.  Great job Clair!!

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Minnie Mouse

 Norah brought in this very cute panel for me to longarm saying "something simple, meandering or something" .  

But with the cute hearts I just could not resist loops and hearts instead of a simple meander.

And since it is the same price to have loops and hearts, or stars, or daisies as it is to just meander, why not.

Warm soft back.

As we were using a thicker blanket on the back batting was not necessary.  There is going to be a very happy little girl with a fun and fuzzy warm quilt to play on.

Monday 11 January 2021

Pottery Class

 For the holiday season I took a pottery class.  Was it fun or what!!

My work station.

It was messy, informative, and a little hard work: you really had to add a bit of weight to the turn table to center the clay.

I managed to get 3 bowls made and the first was a little wobbly, the second ended up with a bubble in the center bottom, and the third.... perfect.  Third time is the charm.

Into the kiln for the first time, biscuit (unglazed).

My second bowl cracked in the center but I decided to keep it the way it was as a reminder.

After they were glazed and fired again I think they turned out beautiful.  The variegated clay was a nice look.

My instructor was kind enough to silicone the cracked bowl so although we cant use it for food items it will make a nice pin bowl or button bowl.  

I think it was a huge success and I had a lot of fun.  It would be a great way to make personalized gifts for friends at Christmas or just for fun.  
Don't worry though, I'm not giving up quilting to become a potter.....but it was a wonderful thing to try!

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