Wednesday 5 February 2020

Dieting 101

The diet I started 2 weeks ago was a great success.  Lost 11 lbs in 10 days.  Although not for the faint of hearted and will test your will power, by the end of the 10 days I was feeling much better.  The first three days is almost like having the flu.  Nausea, light headed, and fatigued.  Your body is missing all those carbohydrates normally pumped into them.  It grumbles, rolls and generally complains. 
I did manage to find a few great recipes that now will forever be in my weekly make list.  One was this simple cracker recipe from Wholesome Yum

Needless to say after our 10 days (my son went on the same diet as is way easier to diet on the buddy system, he lost 12 lbs) we went out for lunch and take it from me DON'T do it.  Needless to say I am back on the diet with a few modifications and feeling a lot better for it.  So my diet does not have a name that I know of, but here are the rules.  
1 - Measure out portions.  I cut my portions down to a reasonable size and no 2nds. 
2- Cut out the carbs.  It is impossible to cut out all of them but my rule of thumb is; no bread (although I did find a recipe for a soft gluten free bread that was easy to make and the first loaf of bread I've ever made that wasn't so hard you could use it as a hockey puck), No pasta, no white rice, In fact if it's white don't put it in your mouth.  The only exception to this rule is cauliflower, eat lots of that.  No sugar........check the carbs on your sugar, wow.
3 - Eat meat, not if it is processed but everything else.  Including bacon (low sodium) just remember rule number 1.
4 - make your own salad dressings without sugar added.  There are lots of recipes out there that are sugar and carb free.....have fun searching for them and you will forget about your tummy for a few hours.
5 - Snacks; you may need a lot of them during the day at the start to stave off the hunger belly rolls so a handful of nuts, a bowl of vegetables raw, salad, and best of all 5 of the above crackers.

One discovery made was having a protein drink for breakfast.  Love it, it has almost all the vitamins and minerals required in a day, easy to make and yummy.  Add water, shake, and enjoy.  Keeps me going until lunch.

Not saying that it is a perfect diet for you and you should always check with you doctor to make sure you can diet (I have to have a banana a day for the potassium, my doctors rule), it may not be the right thing for you, but it sure works for me and I may just stay on this forever as I feel better and way more energy. I will take it a little slower this time but with 2 to 3 km walks a day.

So my new goal is 15 lbs over a 3 month span.....wish me luck!

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