Wednesday 23 October 2019

Jewelry Totes for the Market

This past week out came the sewing machine and 20 pretty fat quarters to make 10 jewelry totes for the Christmas market at the Cedarcrest Gardens December 7 & 8.

Little jewel bags.
 I love these little jewel bags that are fun to make.  I find it easy to set up and do a production line of 10 or more at a time.  Cutting out and pressing, marking the button holes and if most of the fabric is on the same tone you do not even have to change threads all that often.

Stack of cut fabric with the home made cardboard templates.

Then I discovered a need trick, instead of marking all the inner circles for stitching, just place a few pieces of painters tape in the desired locations on your sewing machine to use as a guide.  It saved quite a bit of time and you don"t have to worry about the iron removing all your guide lines.

A few guild lines
The only lines you really have to worry about are the pocket lines,  Thank goodness for templates.  Just center then with a ruler, mark your lines, sew, add the cord and 10 hours later 10 beautiful and very practical little gems.

Marking the center pocket lines.

All finished

Here is the final tree of life pendant from last week.  It turned out beautiful and is for sale for $51.55 if anyone is interested.  Please note that Tyler is in the process of migrating the Twisted Copper Top Store..... to somewhere....... so it will be down and being updated over the next few days.  Kinda like the geese migrating south, you know they go, just not sure where. lol

Thought I would leave you with a look of Saint John in the fall.
Kings Square 

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