Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Tree of Life Pendants

It has been a busy crafty week this past week.  I have been trying to have a few tree of life pendants made for the up coming Christmas sale in December.

 They always look like such a mess when you are making the tree.  Wires everywhere, tangled and always in the way.  The beautiful pink stone is a resin cabochon made when I was experimenting with resin and alcohol paint.  The alcohol stains are made from immersing the felts from inside Sharpie felt pens in alcohol for a few days and then adding a few drops to the resin pour.  The results can be very cool with an almost sky (you should see the blue ones) translucence to them. A nice thing about using resin cabochons is they are very light compared to stone or glass.

the back

This tree of life pendant is the first that I have tried with beads added to the branches.  It went much better than I had originally thought it would. Using the crackle seed beads in a light green gives then the look of leaves just breaking out in spring.

Almost finished front

The tree managed to get finished but when I went to complete the clasp..... out of 28 gage silver wire.  Darn so my order should be in tomorrow and I will be able to finish and make another in blue.
I'll post the finished pendant next blog so you can see the final piece.

A few others.
Here are a few other pieces completed in the past weeks.  The dark blue is on resin colored with mica dust, the dark blue tree on beach rock, a brass on agate and a wire captured gold on red glass.  Now here is hoping that they sell.  lol. If not I'm going to have a lot of choices to wear.

Sammy getting ready to come to market with me
Not going to be left behind!


  1. The pendant is beautiful. Love the cat in a box!

  2. Thanks Tracy, did you see the final photo. It turned out great.


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