Wednesday 22 January 2020

Snow, Snow, Snow!

The light was beautiful.
After a few years of not having winter (well a real winter) I have been enjoying the snow.  It makes for a busy day as on Saturday I must have shoveled the walkway off a dozen times.  Not sure why as anyone on the roads were crazy and I did not expect to see anyone in the shop for the day.  It took Tyler and I 2 hours to shovel out the car and the driveway.  Good exercise.  Made me smile and reminded me of living in the BC mountains.  But our 1.5 feet of snow is nothing compared to what they had in Newfoundland.  I think we got off pretty easy.  Then the sun came out and sitting in the sun room was brilliant.

Again it was another play week with lots of little things getting done.

The funnest was a small quilt made from a pile of blocks I found at the MPQG, on the give-away table.  I knew that they were a someones first attempt at a drunkards path and needed to be squared and would never quite fit together, but were fun to play with and create different patterns.  It will make a great little cat bed or throw rug. 
waste not want not

very fun

That and finishing up a few test pieces I have been working on made for a fun week of snow, recycling, and keeping warm (definitely need different cold weather clothes than what is in my wardrobe).


I was playing with the Leaf table runner pattern and made this wonderful table topper.  Just have to quilt and bind it.

A cute little candle mat

 Out of the left over bits and pieces of fabric from the leaf table runner and topper came this cute little candle mat (or mug mat).  A perfect size for those small spaces.  It was fun to applique each of the leaves with a different thread to see the variations possible.  Gold, purple, yellow and black threads.  Which one do you like best??
Close-up of thread colors used

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