Wednesday 9 October 2019

Moved to Saint John

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since updating this blog.  Many things have happened but the best is the move to Saint John.
Over the past year we finished the house on Cape Sable Island and how wonderful to see the old girl with a face lift. A lot of hard work but well worth the effort (even though my back did not think so on some days).
Fun stenciling the floors.

Bright and shiny new cedar shakes.

Quite an improvement.

But as with everything time moves on as did my son Tyler and I.  We ended up spending way more on the house than expected and reality set in.  Time to get a job and like Tyler said " I am so looking forward to being able to order in a pizza delivery". 
One of the first things we did once we moved to Saint John. lol

We bought a nice smaller home in great shape and although there are things that need to be updated nothing required is immediately.  It has a beautiful back yard and lots of garden potential.  Wait until spring!

Our new house on Manawagonish Rd,
In the past month of unpacking, Hanging pictures and opening boxes that have not been open since we left Vancouver in the motor-home, I have managed to set up my craft corner and am back to having fun making things again. 
Organized chaos.
So I'm back!!  Yeah.  Get ready for regular updates.  Posts on quilting (joined the local quilt guild - Marco Polo Quilt Guild), jewelry making (have a table at the Cedar Crest Gardens Christmas Market Dec 7 & 8), and gardening once spring rolls around.

It is lovely to be home and back to being creative, I've missed it.

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