Saturday 8 July 2017

Tread play day 3

The thread quilt has been coming right along.  I has been interesting blending the threads and then make individual sections to create texture and direction in the thread.

Making sure to go over and over the stabilizer to make sure to hold down all the wayward threads.

I found that just straight lines did not add enough texture and started going back over the individual areas with loops, zig-zags, or circles and waves seemed in my eye to look more organic.

Adding the stabilizer in overlapping sheets.

Being very careful to make sure there were no threads sticking out from in between sheets that the hopping foot could catch on.  Also making sure that the thread was not layered too thick as it really slowed down the topstitching process.

It was fun to figure out the natural lines of the colors.  The process worked perfect and was going so smooth.  I was using up the threads, creating these amazing texture and color waves when I ran out of the top grey fabric.  I was surprised that I'd not used as much thread as I thought and still had not come close to having the color graduations that I had in my head.  So I added another piece of grey fabric so I could continue on.

Once the thread is covering the join, no one will notice.  But it was a reminder that I only have a bit more space to cover before I run out of backing and batting.  I'd better organize the threads a little better if I am going to finish with the color scheme I had intended.  But that's for tomorrow.

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