Wednesday 20 November 2019

It's here and ready to play

The new longarm arrived on last Saturday.  I kinda felt bad as I was at the Marco Polo Quilt Guild (MPQG) helping to make place mats for the seniors and meals on wheels when I got the's here.
Ready, set, go.  The first test loaded and the anticipation is killing me.

It took Tyler and I 3 hours to put the frame up and get the sewing machine onto the frame. and another 2 to get everything ready for the test quilt.
Checking to make sure the tension is correct on both sides.

Tyler is a wiz at this.  He's even having fun.

Other happenings this week.. At the quilters cove (MPQG) this week I was able to work on a quilt started in 2013.  My goodness, by the time I actually get it finished it will have been 7 years in the making.  The main thing though is that is will be finished.
Calendar quilt

Getting down there and only 4 more quilts in the UFO (unfinished objects) box.  How great is that.

Then the other great news is that Seriously Pinned is having a open house on November 30 to show off the new machine, and answer any questions you all may have.

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