Wednesday 5 January 2022

New Year in Shaunavon.

 I know that it has been for ever that I have updated the bog.  Lots has happened since we left Saint John in July.

We traveled across Canada with the thought of staying at a many Harvest Host and free spots but found that we needed AC more than free.  Gas was atrocious and our main cost.  Having said that it was wonderful to visit our own country. 

Tyler enjoying the farm land in Quebec.

We made it home to Creston BC to visit with mom and Keith for a week before heading out to see if we could buy a RV park in southeastern Saskatchewan.  Very disappointed when they took the sale off the market the same day we made our offer.

We ended up bumming around SK for a few weeks and found a lovely spot in Eastend.  Then a house in Shaunavon that was perfect for our budget.  It was perfect timing as fall was quickly turning into winter.

Our cute little house with its new roof!!

Our little house needs a few renos, waterlines, electrical replaced in places (its missing) and I'm slowly (very slowly) getting it painted.  Speaking of painting I've taken up acrylic pours and been having a ball.  

I'll get back in the swing of blogging and show you some of the pieces I've been having fun with.  But back to Saskatchewan. 

Beautiful sun dogs taken Dec 16.

Woke up to -32 c this morning.  We actually had to start the little heater to take the chill off the living room which was only 12c .  The weather says that it is -44 c with the wind chill but I think I will stay in today and not test it.

Yesterday it was a little foggy and all the trees were covered in hoar frost.  I took this pic of our big tree in the front yard.  It might be cold but it is very beautiful.  

Tyler is busy getting everything in order to start his own business this spring.  He is opening up a CNC shop called Prairie Matter Workshop and Studio. He has even created a idea book if you would like to check it out.

Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy the beauty of winter.


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