Monday 7 June 2021

Rockwood Park

 It has been wonderful spending time at Rockwood Park.  The campground is so close to trails, lakes and outdoor activities.  

Living like a gypsy definitely has its advantages.  Up in the morning, coffee and a shake, then off for a stroll for an hour or so.  I've been averaging 4 to 5 km a day.  


I think I've tried every trail on the campground side of the park, even a few not listed.  The wild flowers have been spectacular.

Lots of deer, chipmunks and birds. I'm sure there are lots of other critters in the surrounding bush.

Lunch at Lilly Lake Restaurant at least once a week.

Even Carl and Sammy are having a good time.  It was wonderful how quickly they remembered being on a leash and harness.

So we are having fun and enjoying all that Saint John has to offer before heading back west in a few weeks.  We even opted to stay for an extra month.  So nice to relax and enjoy the park.

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