Sunday 31 January 2021

Kathy's Added Quilts

 As promised last blog, Kathy's smaller quilts that were topstitch onto the bottom fabric of her Snowball Quilt.

The tulip quilt will be a hanger for her daughter who just loves her moms quilting and requested a spring quilt to hang.

Tulips all in a row!

So springy!
I really like the detail work to show off the tulips features,  echoing the leaves, detailing the petals and a springy stem.

Just in time for Valentines day... a smaller heart quilt.

Feathered hearts

Hearts and feathers always seem to go together.  Matched with a informal border of loops and hearts making this little topper perfect for any table (or hanger).

Kathy was not sure I would be able to fit this last quilt onto the bottom of her snowball quilt but there was plenty of room.

As she had said for me to do whatever to this cute little Christmas tree quilt, I did!  Little stars for the top and a back and forth topstitch that gives the trees a bit of motion.  To fill the blank spaces I had thought about another tree but went with stars just to add a little more detail and interest.  It turned out really cute.

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