Sunday, 18 October 2020

2 Pumpkins and an Owl

 Well it was really 4 pumpkins, just on 2 toppers.  Kathy brought in a pieced back with a wonderful owl to topstitch and to save a little, brought in 2 table toppers to do at the same time.

3 for the price of 1.

A pieced back for all.

The owl was terrific if not a little challenging to topstitch. The fusible web she used was having difficulties maintaining a grip but by the time the topstitching was finished with a wandering leaf pattern, nothing was coming off!

Look at those eyes!!

In the owl we decided to topstitch little scrolls.  It was a perfect way to ensure that all the small cutout flowers held their place.


Using a lilac thread for the owl and then a green/grey thread for the background made sure that the owl was the centre of attention in this wonderful wall hanging.  

Well worth the challenge of the webbing used.  I had never seen fusible web that gummed up a needle like this one did.

Bad needle!!

Using the green/grey thread for the background worked perfectly to continue right on into the 2 pumpkin toppers.  And how much fun is making spider webs freehand on these ready for halloween pumpkins?

I thought afterward that I should have placed a spider on each topper.  Now that would have been spooky!!


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