Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Never Again

When Rose brought me her 2nd quilt and I asked what she was calling it, she said "never again".  But I think she should call it "well maybe one more time".

Never Again
Topstitched with a simple all over pattern ( Terry's fav flowers) was all that was necessary.  With all the colors and detail the quilting only needed to hold all the layers together.  Using a very light blue thread made sure to show off the quilt and not the topstitching.

A large quilt at 87" x 87" it took up the whole display wall and I thought it was such a shame to take it down and give it back to Rose as I was really enjoying the color and joy it brought to the longarm studio.

Look at all the detail.

But I am glad that it is home where it belongs as I am sure that Rose will enjoy it for years to come.  And just maybe it will change to "one more time!".

Terry's fav flowers.


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