Wednesday 18 March 2020

Old Roses

My aunt and uncle in Calgary sent me photos of a very old quilt that they have had for over 50 years asking if I could make them another like it.

Although faded I can imagine that when it was first made it was bright and beautiful.  There were many more whole cloth quilts made in the past and you don't often see them unless buying the mass produced ones from department stores.

After a bit of searching I think I found a fabric fairly close and with the help of my aunt and uncle sorting out the color hopefully have found the perfect match. Thank goodness for email and the ability to share information instantly. 

The color turned out much more orange on the photo's than it really is.  In actuality the fabric is a beautiful coral color.

We also changed the quilt design as doing angled lines on the longarm means a lot of starts and stops.  Having to tie off each start and stop is time consuming and expensive.  So being a modern version of an old quilt we decided on old roses. 

Or as I call it "the Rose Garden".  Then as I was calculating the Celtic rope design for the border I thought "but wouldn't a leaf border match beautifully".  Passed my suggestion on and the agreed, a leaf border it is.                                                                                                                                         
This maybe a more accurate color of the fabric...just a little brighter.

The whole quilt turned out stunning.  And although I've shown most of the solid side of the quilt to show off the topstitching the print side of the quilt is almost a perfect match to the original.

I am hoping they love it and that it gets as much use as the original quilt. 

Thanks Aunt Hazel and Uncle Tom for letting me make this wonderful quilt for you.

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