Monday 20 November 2017

Repairing a bracelet

Going out for dinner the other evening I decided to wear one of the bracelets I made a few months ago.  It was the first one I made and at the time I knew it was a little big.

Copper wire wrapped bracelet

Wearing it a confirmed that there was not a gal or guy around that would find it comfortable.  Not only that but I found a wayward wire that caught on my sweater....a real no-no in my world.

So it had to come home and get repaired. 
hooks being removed

Both sides of the hook assembly had to be removed.

both sides

Then straightening the wires without damaging them to much and adding a bit of tape to hold together.

keeping everything straight
Re-wrapping and trimmed the wires a half inch adding the hooks back on and the exposed wire disappeared.  No more snag and it now fits a large wrist reasonably.  Job well done.

Look mom all fixed
Nice and tidy, fits well.

Also a great lesson learnt.  Make sure you tuck in all the wires.  Make sure you cut it at the right size and do not be afraid to fix it.  Mistakes are how we learn.
I wore it all day yesterday just to make sure.  Decided to keep this one for myself as a reminder and because I loved it.  Comfortable and fun to wear.  I'll make a few more to sell.

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