Saturday 12 August 2017

Purple Agate Pendent

I thought I would try the design and plan method for a beautiful purple agate slice.  So getting out the note book I traced the stone and tried to design a few wire wrap variations.  I'm not very good at the design part of jewelry making and so far have just designed as I went.  Here are the variations I came up with.
page 1
page 2

I rather liked the center design on page 1 and added a few beads to it and a few notes to keep the ideas straight in my head.

Pretty stone slice
I was so pleased the other day as I was digging in an old box looking for model car paint for my mom when I came across a small jar of agates in different colors and sizes.  New things to play with.

Having decided on the design and planning how it went together was a different story.  Easy enough to say that this is what you want the pendant to look like but you have to make sure that the stone stays in place.  Unlike a bead that has a hole you can string a wire through, a cage is need to make sure the stone doesn't fall out.

Out comes the wire box, the tools, and get organize so you don't have to dig for anything. I like to have things at hand.

Time to start
Then I guess, just dive in.  Wrapping the two 20 gage wires is a little harder than you would think and I found it difficult to be consistent in my tension.  I have a tenancy to wrap tighter and tighter.

Following the design, (ok I did deviate a bit) until it was time to make the cage.

ready for wrapping
making the cage
That was as far as I got on Thursday and hoping to work a little more on it today.  Will let you know how it comes along.

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