Thursday 25 May 2017

New Website Store front.

My son started a web store front for me a few days ago and said here mom it is up to you now.  Thank goodness he has been around for those little....opp's help what am I doing wrong....moments.

I have wanted to make one for a while but they always seem so daunting.  I do have to admit I've been on there quite a bit; with trial and error learning a bit of code so I could maneuver around and add items for sale.  The first few days I was sure I was going to have mind melt and how do I remember all this stuff????  But just like everything else practice makes perfect.

So go check it out.  I would love your constructive comments (sorry only place to add comments is here in my blog, there is a reason for that).  Just remember it is still in construction and I am still learning and figuring out the kinks. The goal is to eventually have it linked to Etsy or another crafty store front.

You can find it at

Because the site was mostly for the jewelry I have been making as of late;  I dedicated the Home Page and Products page to jewelry.  The -  A Little Twist - page that will be for quilts, hats, bags, or whatever else I decide to make.  As most of you know....I just love making things. lol.

Sunday 21 May 2017

The one pearl

I thought I would try crocheting with wire and made this fun and simple bracelet.

It took a bit of pulling of the wire to make it do what I wanted it to.  Makings sure that none of the stitches were to big.  It was a little hard on the hands making. 

To make it different I added one white pearl offset from the center.  

Add a matching silver magnetic clasp and it looks great.  Easy to wear with just about anything.

Nice silver clasp.
Easy to wear.
Even Carl though it was pretty good.

Although he isn't into wearing jewelry.

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Celtic Sweater Pin

I've had this grey sweater for years.  Over those years I've had a safety pin, a few different brooches or just tucked it in under my purse strap trying to keep it closed.  It is one of my favorites; nice and warm but not a jacket.  Goes with almost everything.

The other day watching an old Irish movie I noticed a beautiful scarf pin on one of the characters and thought there is the perfect solution to my sweater problem.

Thanks for the beads Maxine.

The pin is about 4" diameter. and took a little over 4 hours to make.  Thanks to Maxine for the perfect beads (she dropped off a beautiful little gift bag of beads the other day).  I enjoyed doing the wire wrapping and am sure that with a little practice will get better at scroll making.  But then that is also what makes them interesting and unique.

After wearing it for a while I decided that I still need to cut about a half inch off the pin and make it a little sharper.

I am definitely going to make more of these pseudo-penannular brooches .  A real eye catcher and wouldn't they look great as a hair brooch as well?  Might have to let my hair grow out just to be able to wear one.

Friday 12 May 2017

The little (big) grey paint

I have been up to my elbows and knees and cats in grey paint.  With nothing else to do in life I decided to get started on the walls of our new condo.  Pretty sure that the ceilings have not been painted in 20 years they are dingy and definitely could use a tune-up.

painting and cutting in
As always start with the ceilings and work your way down.  When changing the color of the walls I always run the ceiling paint down onto the walls for at least a half inch.  Remembering to feather the paint so not to leave a paint line.  This way you will not have to deal with having to cut in twice and dealing with left over little dabs of yesterdays color.

The past painters had colored the hallway ceilings the same color as the walls.....basic dull, dark beige.  It took 4 coats of ceiling white to cover.  Wow what a difference.

So in-between the hall painting I painted the main bathroom as well.  Giving myself only 4 hours a day as I decided I did not have to be a mad woman and get it all painted overnight.  4 hours of stiff and soreness is much better than 8.  And I have the time....right.

Just wait until the little details are added.
The bathroom turned out beautiful.  The grey turned a little more blue in the small space but what a huge difference.  Once the ladder (a wonderful quilt display ladder my friend Ron made) is finished drying (I painted it a very dark black/brown for contrast) it will replace the towel rack.  Finish siliconing the shower (what an ugly job cleaning out the old mildewy silicon; please people use the anti mold and mildew kind), add a few photos and replace the vanity at some point......brand new bathroom.

quilt hanger to towel ladder

After my 4 coats on the ceiling came the walls.  As I was not that fond of the blue hue in the bathroom, I added a half gallon of white to the grey kitchen and bathroom paint I was using and painted the hall walls.  I had thought at the time; if I did not like it it would make a good base color.....I love it.  A nice classy looking grey and once the closet doors are sanded and repainted in a bright white with the trim is going to look stunning.
just the closet doors left to do

I love it when a plan comes together.  Now I have to paint a cardboard sample to get color matched as I do not need to paint Kitchen and Bathroom paint in the bedrooms and living room.

There is a bit of time for that though.. still have a kitchen and the remainder of a hallway to paint.

But today is cleanup day.  Put things back in order and clean off the kitchen counters so I can see them again for the weekend.

I also wanted to give a big thank-you to Carl and Sam for all the help they gave and the very kitty concern they showed.  They watched and gave meow support the whole time.  Carl was such a trooper even when he sneezed in the drywall dust and had to sit to get his face cleaned. lol

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Catch the Moon

I've been playing with copper quite a bit lately.  For a few reasons.  One, I love the look and two, the accessibility of materials.  I can wander down to the local hardware and pick up a few feet of electrical wire.  I've been trying to source recycled wire but it seems to be more expensive than new.
Here is one of my favorites made in the past month.

The copper looks very Celtic and paired with the peridot beads looks Celtic indeed.

Catch the Moon

I have also been learning to make my own findings.  From a simple clasp and loop to a few quite detailed ones (I'll show them off later).  Making the chain to go with the pendant allows me to show off the piece a little more.
Once made, matching earrings and a bracelet were next.

I tried using a pre-made earring hoop but did not like the difference in color, gold or silver just did not match.  So I found a little wire jig that allowed me to make my own.  Not sure about the copper wire as earring wires; I coated the hoops as well.  No green ears.

Hand made clasp and safety chain. 

To the bracelet I added a safety chain for those just in case moments.  The bracelet is also made so it fit my wrist (about 8" around).  For those with a smaller wrist you just select one hoop back for a perfect fit.

If anyone is interested the set is for sale for $95.00 CAD + shipping.  I plan on setting up a Etsy page in the near future but until then you can always email me at 

Tuesday 9 May 2017

All about crafting and having fun trying new things

I've been having fun the last few months with a few new crafts.  Everything from paper craft to making jewelry.
Although I love the fabric arts, breaking out into other crafts keeps the little grey matter working and happy.
Looks better on.
It all started a few months ago when I made a beautiful crochet tunic and decided to add beads to the bottom.  Then (of course) I just had to make a long necklace to go with it....ending the ensemble with a bracelet.  I was hooked, again.  I remember beading as a kid and still have a few of the "creations" hanging around.

Since then my supply box has gone from a small 2 liter container to a large 8 liter one.  My how things grow. lol
So ..... this blog will be dedicated to having fun, trying out new things and reporting how they go.  I will not be updated on a regular schedule but here and there, just like life itself.
Some of the things to look forward to are
- red neck jewelry (made from beer cans and the like)
- zipper pulls ( I have made and sold about 150 so far)
- wire wrapping (still learning and getting calluses)
- zen doodles (OMG have you seen my table)
- glass fussing in a microwave kiln

So stay tuned.

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