Wednesday 17 May 2017

Celtic Sweater Pin

I've had this grey sweater for years.  Over those years I've had a safety pin, a few different brooches or just tucked it in under my purse strap trying to keep it closed.  It is one of my favorites; nice and warm but not a jacket.  Goes with almost everything.

The other day watching an old Irish movie I noticed a beautiful scarf pin on one of the characters and thought there is the perfect solution to my sweater problem.

Thanks for the beads Maxine.

The pin is about 4" diameter. and took a little over 4 hours to make.  Thanks to Maxine for the perfect beads (she dropped off a beautiful little gift bag of beads the other day).  I enjoyed doing the wire wrapping and am sure that with a little practice will get better at scroll making.  But then that is also what makes them interesting and unique.

After wearing it for a while I decided that I still need to cut about a half inch off the pin and make it a little sharper.

I am definitely going to make more of these pseudo-penannular brooches .  A real eye catcher and wouldn't they look great as a hair brooch as well?  Might have to let my hair grow out just to be able to wear one.


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    1. Thanks Tracy, me too. Now I'm just going to have to make myself a nice big wrap to wear it on next winter.


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