Monday 30 November 2020

Lavender Dream

 Not sure what Pauline is calling her stunning lavender quilt so I named it Lavender Dream!

I had no problem figuring out what topstitching was needed for Pauline's quilt.  All that lavender and green, called for leaves and fun matching posies.

Whimsical curls 

Adding the curls to the center of the flowers and in each of the 4 patch tied it all together with the meandering leaves.

It is always so much fun to add whimsical with traditional curves.  I think it gives the quilt a natural 'flow'.

Chandelier drops on the border

A beautiful quilt Pauline!!

Friday 27 November 2020

Stack and Whack

 I remember when we used to call Clair's next quilt a kaleidoscope quilt.

Whatever name you want to call it it is bright and beautiful.

You could also almost call it a peek-a-boo quilt as everywhere you look there is a new 
bird or flower to see.

Matching flowers
The large tropical leaves and flowers finished Clair's quilt beautifully.

Cool back.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

A school of fishies.

 I had so much fun topstitching this quilt for Clair.  

Water and a few starfish are fun but adding the smiling fish made me smile with every one. Ha Ha!

And what could have been more perfect than a school of fish swimming around the border.

Don't they look happy.

A perfect quilt for hanging out at the beach, lounging on a lawn chair or just a smile as you sip cocoa and watch the snow fall.  

And it really can't help but make you smile.


Friday 20 November 2020

Japanese Geisha's

 Included in the October Bos was a number of purse forms that Pauline ask me to topstitch..  They are beautiful.

A few I was able to put onto one backing with this way to cute wall hanging. 

Look at the beautiful paper piecing.
I decided to keep it simple and to try to show off the perfect little Geisha Girls.  But of course not being fond of a lot of meandering a few dragonflies just had to be added.

See the dragonflies?

But now to show off the little bag quilts. (I'll have to have Pauline send me a photo of them when they are finished).

Ginkgo leaves.

Ginkgo medallion.

Cute little lantern with simple grid and heart flower.

Cherry Blossoms.


Cherry blossoms.

The remainder of the bags were partially done by Pauline so I just had to add a few lines and couldn't resist adding a few Japanese words.

Just needed a bit of stitching in the ditch.  Pauline did the
hand stitching, something she finds difficult doing anymore.



Ginkgo leaves.

Hand stitched.

As you can tell it was a wonderful October box and once again I really enjoy the surprises that come with ever package Pauline sends.  Don't forget to check out Novembers Box....working on right now!!

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Octobers Box

 Since Pauline moved and has  beautiful new sewing room she has been a quilting feend! 

All on one back!!

These were just a few of the wonderful quilts Pauline sent.  I absolutely loved the christmas tree and so she sent me the pattern.  It will be the perfect solution for the kitty problem.  Hang it on the wall and stack the presents under.

Christmas tree size at
27" x 77"
No more knocked over trees, or dingle balls all over the place.  A brilliant idea.

Ready for Christmas!

As well as the tall wall hanger she included a wonderful smaller table mat and this beautiful table runner.

Candle mat

Perfect for Christmas or a daily boost of color.

A fun little wall hanger.  I remember topstitching another like this a few years ago??

I just had to add this very cute photo of a circle mat that Pauline had me make for a girl friend of hers. Of course it had nothing to do will Sammy's approval.   

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Christmas Gnomes

 In preparation for Christmas, Clair brought me 2 kids quilts on one back that she made for her nephews.

They are so adorable. Made in flannel with a flannel back are going to be very cosy. Which kids just love.

Topstitching in a light grey thread the snowflakes are big, bold and beautiful.  Way too much fun as well!

Aren't they ever so cute.


The plaid flannel was a wonderful find for Clair, a queen size sheet that matched perfectly.  And big enough for the 2 kids quilts to be topstitched side by side saving Clair a few Christmas penny's.


Sunday 8 November 2020

Snowflake Quilt

 Thanks to Rosa sending me the Snowflake Mystery Group on facebook, I now have this beautiful,bold, and very black snowflake to hang up for the holiday season.

Made with a jelly roll and a few yards of black fabric, not knowing what to expect until the end, and having fun along the way.  

Not sure adding a flower in the center was in the snowflake design, but it tickled my fancy and especially looked great in the dark purple thread.  

Hump and bumping my way out from the center was more in tune with the crystal formations of a snowflake but best of all, I love the loops and stars meandering all over the bckground.

Name tag on the back.

Then a scrappy binding and a very cool name tag (thanks again Tracy) for the back and only a few more days until decorating in time for Christmas.  

The countdown has started so time to think about bringing in your quilts in time for the holidays.  Seriously Pinned will be closing from December 22, 2020 to January 4, 2021.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Muriel's Hunter Star

 Muriel's Hunter Star really shines.  It is stunning!

I like how she did not add a border to the quilt as the beautiful fabrics chosen needed no framing.

A mixture of ruler work to accent the stars and a medium mender of leaves surrounding them, made them standout.

Using a buttermilk colored thread matched the quilt perfectly. 


A beautiful quilt to topstitch, and just look at that back.

Mom's Little Monsters.

 I've been having a ball making Mom's Little Monsters on days that we are not renovating Tyler's shop.   Lurch Lurch in his butl...