Wednesday 10 May 2017

Catch the Moon

I've been playing with copper quite a bit lately.  For a few reasons.  One, I love the look and two, the accessibility of materials.  I can wander down to the local hardware and pick up a few feet of electrical wire.  I've been trying to source recycled wire but it seems to be more expensive than new.
Here is one of my favorites made in the past month.

The copper looks very Celtic and paired with the peridot beads looks Celtic indeed.

Catch the Moon

I have also been learning to make my own findings.  From a simple clasp and loop to a few quite detailed ones (I'll show them off later).  Making the chain to go with the pendant allows me to show off the piece a little more.
Once made, matching earrings and a bracelet were next.

I tried using a pre-made earring hoop but did not like the difference in color, gold or silver just did not match.  So I found a little wire jig that allowed me to make my own.  Not sure about the copper wire as earring wires; I coated the hoops as well.  No green ears.

Hand made clasp and safety chain. 

To the bracelet I added a safety chain for those just in case moments.  The bracelet is also made so it fit my wrist (about 8" around).  For those with a smaller wrist you just select one hoop back for a perfect fit.

If anyone is interested the set is for sale for $95.00 CAD + shipping.  I plan on setting up a Etsy page in the near future but until then you can always email me at 

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