Tuesday 9 May 2017

All about crafting and having fun trying new things

I've been having fun the last few months with a few new crafts.  Everything from paper craft to making jewelry.
Although I love the fabric arts, breaking out into other crafts keeps the little grey matter working and happy.
Looks better on.
It all started a few months ago when I made a beautiful crochet tunic and decided to add beads to the bottom.  Then (of course) I just had to make a long necklace to go with it....ending the ensemble with a bracelet.  I was hooked, again.  I remember beading as a kid and still have a few of the "creations" hanging around.

Since then my supply box has gone from a small 2 liter container to a large 8 liter one.  My how things grow. lol
So ..... this blog will be dedicated to having fun, trying out new things and reporting how they go.  I will not be updated on a regular schedule but here and there, just like life itself.
Some of the things to look forward to are
- red neck jewelry (made from beer cans and the like)
- zipper pulls ( I have made and sold about 150 so far)
- wire wrapping (still learning and getting calluses)
- zen doodles (OMG have you seen my table)
- glass fussing in a microwave kiln

So stay tuned.

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