Friday 12 May 2017

The little (big) grey paint

I have been up to my elbows and knees and cats in grey paint.  With nothing else to do in life I decided to get started on the walls of our new condo.  Pretty sure that the ceilings have not been painted in 20 years they are dingy and definitely could use a tune-up.

painting and cutting in
As always start with the ceilings and work your way down.  When changing the color of the walls I always run the ceiling paint down onto the walls for at least a half inch.  Remembering to feather the paint so not to leave a paint line.  This way you will not have to deal with having to cut in twice and dealing with left over little dabs of yesterdays color.

The past painters had colored the hallway ceilings the same color as the walls.....basic dull, dark beige.  It took 4 coats of ceiling white to cover.  Wow what a difference.

So in-between the hall painting I painted the main bathroom as well.  Giving myself only 4 hours a day as I decided I did not have to be a mad woman and get it all painted overnight.  4 hours of stiff and soreness is much better than 8.  And I have the time....right.

Just wait until the little details are added.
The bathroom turned out beautiful.  The grey turned a little more blue in the small space but what a huge difference.  Once the ladder (a wonderful quilt display ladder my friend Ron made) is finished drying (I painted it a very dark black/brown for contrast) it will replace the towel rack.  Finish siliconing the shower (what an ugly job cleaning out the old mildewy silicon; please people use the anti mold and mildew kind), add a few photos and replace the vanity at some point......brand new bathroom.

quilt hanger to towel ladder

After my 4 coats on the ceiling came the walls.  As I was not that fond of the blue hue in the bathroom, I added a half gallon of white to the grey kitchen and bathroom paint I was using and painted the hall walls.  I had thought at the time; if I did not like it it would make a good base color.....I love it.  A nice classy looking grey and once the closet doors are sanded and repainted in a bright white with the trim is going to look stunning.
just the closet doors left to do

I love it when a plan comes together.  Now I have to paint a cardboard sample to get color matched as I do not need to paint Kitchen and Bathroom paint in the bedrooms and living room.

There is a bit of time for that though.. still have a kitchen and the remainder of a hallway to paint.

But today is cleanup day.  Put things back in order and clean off the kitchen counters so I can see them again for the weekend.

I also wanted to give a big thank-you to Carl and Sam for all the help they gave and the very kitty concern they showed.  They watched and gave meow support the whole time.  Carl was such a trooper even when he sneezed in the drywall dust and had to sit to get his face cleaned. lol


  1. You've been busy! And sore I might add! It will look amazing when you're finished!

    1. OMG the difference is amazing. They are going to be putting me in Better Homes and Gardens soon. lol


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