Wednesday 25 March 2020

Canada's Birthday 150 years

Linda made this beautiful Red and white Canadian themed quilt to commemorate Canada's 150 years.

150 yeas
And as you all know I love sampler quilts.  Gives me a chance to be creative and show off a tiny bit.  Like adding northern lights to the Inukshuks Block, how cool is that!



The rest was just fun and made me smile the whole time I was topstitching Linda's wonderful quilt.

It has all the wonderful points of Canadian life from the our unique languages, EH!, to the much loved toque worn all year long.  (Not to be confused with togue which means mung bean sprout.)  lol


A fantastic quilt Linda and thank you for letting me be the one to bring it life.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Old Roses

My aunt and uncle in Calgary sent me photos of a very old quilt that they have had for over 50 years asking if I could make them another like it.

Although faded I can imagine that when it was first made it was bright and beautiful.  There were many more whole cloth quilts made in the past and you don't often see them unless buying the mass produced ones from department stores.

After a bit of searching I think I found a fabric fairly close and with the help of my aunt and uncle sorting out the color hopefully have found the perfect match. Thank goodness for email and the ability to share information instantly. 

The color turned out much more orange on the photo's than it really is.  In actuality the fabric is a beautiful coral color.

We also changed the quilt design as doing angled lines on the longarm means a lot of starts and stops.  Having to tie off each start and stop is time consuming and expensive.  So being a modern version of an old quilt we decided on old roses. 

Or as I call it "the Rose Garden".  Then as I was calculating the Celtic rope design for the border I thought "but wouldn't a leaf border match beautifully".  Passed my suggestion on and the agreed, a leaf border it is.                                                                                                                                         
This maybe a more accurate color of the fabric...just a little brighter.

The whole quilt turned out stunning.  And although I've shown most of the solid side of the quilt to show off the topstitching the print side of the quilt is almost a perfect match to the original.

I am hoping they love it and that it gets as much use as the original quilt. 

Thanks Aunt Hazel and Uncle Tom for letting me make this wonderful quilt for you.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Alaska Sunset

It was an absolute delight to do Judith's Alaska Sunset (Alaska Star).

Alaska Sunset

Judith saw her quilt echoed with a meandering star pattern in all the light areas.  So that is exactly what happened.

Judith put her quilt together with both hand sewing and machine sewing enabling her to work on her quilt almost anywhere.


There were over 260 starts and stops to make sure that only the colored stars and diamonds were echoed.

Center detail

The Alaska Sunset is sure to be a eye stopper in the upcoming Lions Gate Quilt Guild in Vancouver this year. 

A beautiful quilt to work on.  I'm sure Judith will be thrilled when she opens her delivery from the Atlantic. 

Remember that if you send your quilt to Seriously Pinned, I will send it back to you free of charge.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

12 Patch

A funny story about this quilt.  I had originally started making another rail fence quilt like the one a few bogs ago.

I must have been having a bad day, or at least not watching what I was doing as I had cut out all the blocks from strips, neatly piled them and quit for the day.

Bubble Pop has a 30's feel to it.

When I woke the next morning and started putting the block together, realized I had cut all my 8.5" x 8.5" blocks 8.5" x 7.5".  Needless to say I said a bad word!

So now do I cut them all down to 7.5 x 7.5" or wait... 7.5" makes 3 - 2.5" and voula 12 patch blocks.  Took a little longer to make but it looks great.

Love the polka dots.
Amazing how life throws you new options and makes you stop, think, and ponder the possibilities.
Iti a happy quilt
So now we have a new quilt in the shop for sale.  Call me if you would like more information or visit our website at                                                                                     
Matching back and binding.

Wednesday 4 March 2020

Paper Piecing

The paper piecing class at Marco Polo Quilt's Guild was fun and I hope everyone became a little more familiar with paper piecing.  Or at least my way of paper piecing.

Samples of the paper piecing class.

I was delighted how many ladies picked up the extra pattern version and although only a few were able to finish the one star, assured me they were going to finish and make a few more as well.

Nice crisp points.

I heard talk of pillows, candle mats, perhaps trying the paper piece pattern they had been looking at but thought too daunting to start.

There was lots of laughing, sharing and of course friendship to be offered.  Thanks to Paul even a wonderful homemade meal available to the class.

A successful class.  How wonderful was that?

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