Saturday 25 August 2018

New Store Site

Very exciting!! Tyler started me a new store front in Etsy.  He's been working hard at taking new photos and moving them all over in hope of selling a few of my trinkets.

Twisted Resineers Etsy store 
We are also looking into finding a few markets in the local area of Barrington Passage or close by.  In the mean time I'm having fun making things and in the next blog post will do an acrylic pour for you.  Dirty pours are really fun and are way too cool.  In the mean time here are a few of the latest jewelry creations. 
Green Glass Copper with rose bead.
I've been having fun trying to imitate green amber.  Out collecting bugs, moss and lichen to add to the resin.
Then pouring my own beads.  They are very interesting and really hard to tell the difference between the two.

This beautiful blown glass cabochon came from the Fernhill Glass Company in Astoria, OR.  

More hand poured resin beads.  I love making my own beads. They are unique and they always turn out a little different with each pour. 

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Rain Chains

I've been looking at making rain chains for a few months now. Checking out all the cool rain chains on Pintrest and other sites. 
See Tyler working away in the background.

Deciding on 2 different types just for fun.  One out of bottles and one out of zinc strips left from the roofing.  For the bottle chain we bought a bottle cutter and I made copper chains from recycled copper grounding wire. 
Ginger beer bottles and copper chain.
The leaf rain chains took a little more thought and prep work to make.  I made a leaf shape template out of an recycle plastic container and marked and cut the shapes out of the zinc strip.

simple leaf shape

marked on the zinc strip

Adding a hole at the top of the leaf and pinching it just a bit.  Then cut copper wire to slip through the hole and use as a hanger on the copper chain.

rough measure

a little curl to hold it in place

slip through the hole

Make the chain links by wrapping the wire around a broom handle many times.  Then cut out the individual chains to link together.

Lots of wrapping

clip them into jump rings

link them together to make a chain.
I then twisted the leaf wire onto every second chain and there you have it.  A home made rain chain.  

Only another 8 feet to go.

They are going to look so great on the corners of the house when we get the gutters back on.

Mom's Little Monsters.

 I've been having a ball making Mom's Little Monsters on days that we are not renovating Tyler's shop.   Lurch Lurch in his butl...