Thursday 25 May 2017

New Website Store front.

My son started a web store front for me a few days ago and said here mom it is up to you now.  Thank goodness he has been around for those little....opp's help what am I doing wrong....moments.

I have wanted to make one for a while but they always seem so daunting.  I do have to admit I've been on there quite a bit; with trial and error learning a bit of code so I could maneuver around and add items for sale.  The first few days I was sure I was going to have mind melt and how do I remember all this stuff????  But just like everything else practice makes perfect.

So go check it out.  I would love your constructive comments (sorry only place to add comments is here in my blog, there is a reason for that).  Just remember it is still in construction and I am still learning and figuring out the kinks. The goal is to eventually have it linked to Etsy or another crafty store front.

You can find it at

Because the site was mostly for the jewelry I have been making as of late;  I dedicated the Home Page and Products page to jewelry.  The -  A Little Twist - page that will be for quilts, hats, bags, or whatever else I decide to make.  As most of you know....I just love making things. lol.

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