Friday 5 March 2021

Lighthouses, anchors and buoys.

 What a wonderful picture quilt Joan has made showcasing lighthouses.  

Leaving Joan's beautiful embroidery writing around the inner border untouched, the original thought was to fill the outer and blank spaces with seashells and anchors.

See the sailboat?
I quickly changed to adding anchors, and buoys, and warning flags.

Such a fun quilt to topstitch.  I took liberties adding a warm fire in the hearth (chimney smoke), a quarter moon in a starry sky, even a sailboat in the distance.

 Beacons of light on a stormy night and a flash of lightning in the distance.

Picture quilts are always a joy to do and a chance to be a little creative.  Joan's quilt was no exception.

A wonderful quilt!

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