Sunday 27 December 2020

Mrs. Snip's #01

 Clair brought back a box of linen remanence from Mrs. Snip's in Dublin, Ireland.  With a few of the pieces she made this wonderful lap quilt.

Quite the accomplishment for a beginner quilter to patchwork linen as it has a life of its own.

It frays, moves, and is generally unruly taking a steady hand and as I suggested to Clair, a whole lot of  starch. 

We had a time thinking about what to topstitch onto the quilt with all the lines and checks.  As soon as Clair saw another quilt done with the feathered scroll, that was the one.  It also made sure that all of the seams and pieces had multiple stitching through them all.  

A lovely final look.

This helps to bind all the pieces and stop any further fraying over time.  Looks cool too!!

As an added note I wanted to show you what happens to a bobbin winder gone wrong.

What a mess!!

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