Friday 17 July 2020

Terry's garden

A friend from the west coast asked that I post a few of my garden photos so she could see what was going on, on the east coast.
This was my garden April 5th when I started.  Tyler and I had pruned the 2 cherry trees by then and I started planning the garden.

April 5, 2020

I started all my seedling way too early thinking like a westerner that things would go in the ground about May 1st.   
Seedlings started March 

Big mistake as May 10th it snowed and the temperature dropped, again!!

Geraniums in the sun room are doing great.

But by the end of May my tomatoes, peppers and patio cuc's were busting out of their cups so I bought a few tubs from the dollar store and out they went.  In every night and out every day.

Great tubs, had to drill holes in the
bottom for drainage but they worked well.
Carl's new home!!

By June 7th the old tin roof shed in the back came down.  I managed to plant the brussel sprouts and cabbage.  The top garden also received beets (which today are 2" tall), fennel (didn't grow at all), lettuce (bolted before we even had a chance to use it).  The cabbage looks like a war zone even with all the slug pellets and hand picking the cabbage moths.  The only thing that did awesome in the little top garden was Tracy's beautiful garlic.  

Top garden June 7
July 17

The bottom garden is coming better and the vegetables are (were) coming along.  If the sun would come out we might actually have a few this year.

July 17

I should note that we have been sampling a bit out of the garden as there have been mustard and red leaf lettuce coming up everywhere from self seeding.  Radishes that haven't bolted have been hot and yummy.  My little herb garden under the cherry tree has been growing well and parsley, sage (love sage ice tea), lemon balm are doing well.  If we ever get a few weeks of summer (last nights temperature at 12 C) we may even have peas (second planting as 1st did not even bother to grow) which are about 3" high and beans which amazingly enough have made it to the 8" high state.

Tomatoes on the deck are showing fruit and the patio cuc's are flowering so come on sun!!!

Only other thing to show is the grape arbor and swing I built 2 weeks ago.  The original did not make it through the hurricane last september but this one isn't going anywhere and the grapes are already climbing up the one side.

Next year I will be better prepared and not be so gungho to get my seeds in the dirt.....maybe I'll build a greenhouse next...hmmmmm.

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