Tuesday 14 November 2017

A new store site

Two weeks ago my son put together a new store site for myself ( https://twistedcoppertop.com ) and a natural skin care crafter named So Fresh Products (https://sofreshproducts.com).  I've been having a ball setting it all up and trying to make it look attractive.
It all started with a conversation at the local pub after work on a Friday night.  Sitting next to a very nice lady who just so happened to need a storefront to market her homemade skin care products.  She said "I need", I said "so do I" and Tyler said "I can do that and it might be fun".  So now Tyler has a business that can get us little crafters, inventors, or the guy that just wants to get a web page out there for a reasonable cost (https://fromthe.blue).

But back to the Twisted Copper Top store.  The hardest thing is trying to get the photos just right.  Clear, interesting and that show off the jewelry that I have been making as of late.  I must have spent hours trying different angles, stages, and camera filters.  I even tried the scanner to see if they looked better.
scanned picture
I tried 2 different cameras, my phone and discovered that the best was my little old (20 years?) instant camera on the food setting took what I thought were the best photos.  Days playing with different props, and lighting, keeping a record of what I was doing.
using an old crock pot as a prop
Finally to find a simple solution in a glass pitcher, a lot of tissue paper, and a bright sunny location.  These were a few of the photos that ended up in the web store.
I liked the background

nice and clear

It was interesting to find out how much time and effort it takes to manage and upkeep a simple web store front, almost a full time job.  With no distractions; I miss people dropping by and visiting and the communication that you have in a real store front.  But the nice thing about this is that I can do it from anywhere and the adventure is about to begin.

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