Monday 31 July 2017

Columbia StrEAT food truck fest

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Last Saturday the City of New Westminster closed down Columbia Street down town and moved in a over 150 food trucks.  It was fun to wonder up the strip and check out the different food venues.  I settled on Pad Tai and of course had to have a local brewed beer in the beer gardens.

There were artisan displays in the Anvil Center, things for kids to do, things for adults to do and by 6pm it was packed with lineups to many of the trucks.

It was a fun day that ended at the far side of the strip (for me) at one of my favorite restaurants the Taverna Greka for lasagna (I know in a Greek restaurant, right.  But so good.) and to watch the belly dancer.

A fun day to wander, snack at all the watering holes along Columbia, people watch and enjoy the awesome weather we have been having.
Beer garden in the shade.  

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