Wednesday 11 March 2020

12 Patch

A funny story about this quilt.  I had originally started making another rail fence quilt like the one a few bogs ago.

I must have been having a bad day, or at least not watching what I was doing as I had cut out all the blocks from strips, neatly piled them and quit for the day.

Bubble Pop has a 30's feel to it.

When I woke the next morning and started putting the block together, realized I had cut all my 8.5" x 8.5" blocks 8.5" x 7.5".  Needless to say I said a bad word!

So now do I cut them all down to 7.5 x 7.5" or wait... 7.5" makes 3 - 2.5" and voula 12 patch blocks.  Took a little longer to make but it looks great.

Love the polka dots.
Amazing how life throws you new options and makes you stop, think, and ponder the possibilities.
Iti a happy quilt
So now we have a new quilt in the shop for sale.  Call me if you would like more information or visit our website at                                                                                     
Matching back and binding.

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