Wednesday 18 December 2019

Space rockets and shooting stars

Yahoo to the first quilt off the new longarm.  I started this quilt when I first moved to Saint John out of a jelly roll.
On the hanging wall.

Jelly rolls are a fun and easy way to quilt and I love the fact that you can make so many different designs and blocks.

A simple rail fence block.

Keeping with the space theme I topstitched this fun twin quilt with meandering stars shooting in loop-de-loops everywhere.  The thread used was bright green.  It went well with both the top and backing of this very fun quilt.


Picking the longarm pattern for this quilt was easy as the fabric was covered in stars and stitch like loops already.  The most successful topstitching  patterns happen when matched with the fabric or quilts design.
Fun back
I will use the backing material to bind the quilt with and some one is going to love this quilt.  It will be for sale on  so check it out.  Or come to the shop to see at 862 Manawagonish Rd. Saint John, NB. Hours are posted on

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