Sunday 22 December 2019

Old meets New

A week or so ago Marilyn brought over a stack of crazy quilt blocks from the late 1800, early 1900.  She wasn't sure who in her family had made them but instead of them just sitting in a drawer somewhere, she wanted to show them.  So of the set we picked out 3 to make into a wall hanging.

We decided to use 3 that had dates.
After sitting down and figuring out the dimensions and the type of topstitching to do I came up with a simple meandering feather pattern that complimented and kept with the antique feel of the blocks.
paper first

fabric second

After measuring out the block locations on the fabric (I used a ready to dye fabric free of all dyes and chemicals), onto the longarm and the fun begins.  Free motion feathers are wonderful to make as they look classy and flow freely on the quilt.  
Feathers around the marked out block space.

The block location still needs to be quilted but a few simple lines works well.  Gives me a chance to practice with the rulers on my new machine.  

Then carefully set and tack the very delicate blocks onto the prepared quilt.  A few stitches every 1 inch around will hold them in place and still allow them to be removed without damaging the 100+ year old fabric.

Simply tacked just enough to hold in place.

Look at all the hand stitched embroidery

See the piece of felted ladies cuff.

So wonderful to show off on a nice long wall and to show a few beautiful pieces of Marilyn's family history.

Very nice
The back

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