Wednesday 11 December 2019

Christmas Market

Tyler and I had fun at the Cerdarcrest Christmas Market over the past weekend.  Saturday was very busy with everyone checking out all the amazing hand made crafts.  From woodworkers to fancy aprons and everything else in-between.

 Jewelry was not the way to go as there were a lot  of jewelry booths.  We did manage to sell a few pieces and it was surprising that it was a few of the older necklaces that sold.

The big hit of the day were the jewelry totes as we sold quite a few of them.

But the best was the amount of Seriously Pinned brochures that we gave out.  Quite a few younger ladies that were interested in learning how to sew and quilt as well as interest in the longarm.   I think we gave out about 70 brochures....yea, I look forward to seeing those 10% off on your quilt coupons in the next few months.

One of my favorite things about markets is visiting with your neighbor marketeers.  We met folks from all over the place, even a nice couple from Campbell River , BC.

So although we did not clean off our tables we did have a lot of fun.  A big thanks to all the everyone that stopped in to supporting us.

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