Wednesday 1 January 2020

Practice Pieces .. And a big Happy New Year!

Nothing goes to waste here.  Even the longarm practice pieces are used and made into something useful in a timely manor.  The first test piece from  Nikee (that is her new name) was made of two old sheets and a really cheap fleece blanket (Ikea $4.99) as the batting.  Lots of room to practice on and big enough to make .......
My new work apron

I must admit that I had forgotten the exact measurements for my work apron and made the waist band a little high above the pockets and will have to cut about 2" off the top (to bad as I really like the pattern).  Other than that, it turned out perfect.  A place to hold all my longarm tools including my phone.
A place for everything

and everything in it's place.

It is so nice not having to search for things that I use regularly.

The other big hit that was made from the practice piece was a new and bigger quilting bag.  One big enough to hold a king size quilt or a stack of smaller ones.

Side two

Side one


Once again nothing went to
waste and by using an over-lock stitch a binding was not needed.  The handle is just long enough to ride on your hip but not long enough to drag the bottom of the bag on the floor if you are carting it by hand.  And since I am really big on pockets I salvaged enough of the quilted fabric to add 6 pockets to the inside.

6 pockets

All and all, a pretty good reclamation project if I don't say myself.  In the end there were only a few small ragged edge strips left to add to the fabric waste bucket.  Which most likely will get used for stuffing or something.


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