Wednesday 4 December 2019

Little Christmas Booties

Ok so you know how everything happens all at once?  The Open House(which was a lot of fun with lots of goodies and thank you coupons to give away) was last Saturday, well this week Seriously Pinned opened for regular hours on Tuesday and for the rest of the week.  With the exception of Friday afternoon we will be closing (closed on Saturday as well) early to go set up for the Cedar Crest annual Christmas market.  So I decided to make a few very cute Christmas booties to sell.
I used the pattern that was given out by the Marco Polo Quilt Guild as a Christmas exchange and added a cuff and a hanger loop, just for fun.

Paper pattern
 Cut out the fabric, cut out matching cuffs and cut out a thin fusible interfacing.

I like using interfacing for this kind of a project as it cuts down the sewing time and gives a bit of extra support to the fabric.

Sandwich the cuff between the interfacing and booty.
 When you sandwich the cuff between the interfacing and the fabric make sure you have the fusing side the right way before you sew, flip and press.

Parchment Paper

 I use parchment paper to press on, on the iron board.  It protects the iron board from the glue on the fusible interfacing.

Ready to sew

Once all the sides are folded, fused and ready to sew, cut the hangers.  I used satin cording cut at 5 inches.  Sew around the boot starting at the front cuff with a interlocking stitch and follow the boot around until about the last 3 to 4 inches.  Tuck the looped cord under the cuff to hold it in place and finish sewing up the back.

Start at the cuff,

Then check your stitching to make sure you have caught both sides of the booty, trim off any access fabric and threads. Then turn them inside right and press them again.

You could embellish them with bling and beads or simply use as is.

Perfect as a re-gift-able package, or just to hang on the tree.

Simple but very cute.

Don't forget to stop in at the Cedar Crest Gardens to say hi.  Seriously Pinned will be there!
Ok Santa my stockings are ready. lol

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