Wednesday 6 November 2019


It has been a busy week.  We had about 60 kids even though it was ugly out there.  It poured and the wind blew but those little kids were persistent.  We also had a Marco Polo pot luck on Halloween and you could not have believed the food.  It was nice to see a few dress up and I'm sorry that I did not have Tyler take a picture of me to show you.
Only one of 3 tables loaded with goodies ant the pot luck.
 Having salvaged a bit of wood going to the dump from my neighbors, Tyler and I spent one afternoon cutting pieces into smaller pieces.  They need another coat of paint or two but I think will work  quite well as a display to show off all the jewelry at the Xmas market.

Lots of little pieces.

Once they are finished being painted, I will attach them in groups to a base, add a bead to the top and a small screw on the back and instant necklace display.  Don't worry I'll make sure to post a photo after they are assembled.

Work in progress.

I did also manage to get the final coats of polyurethane onto the acrylic pours.  It never ceases to amaze me the formations and cells that appear as they are drying.  Very cool.

Peach Pie.

And of course you have to have a kitty in the works.  Carl is my watcher and protector all through work and play.

Making sure I'm doing it right.

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