Wednesday 13 November 2019

Very exciting week

Winter arrived this week with -6 mornings and a skiff of snow.  I have always loved that first falling of snow that cleans the world and makes everything silent. 

The back yard looks so bare. 

The most exciting thing though this week is we took the plunge and started Seriously Pinned Quilting and Longarm Service.  I had forgotten how much was involved with starting a new business.  Business plans, projected cash flows, financing, not to mention all of the multi media to start, hook-up and link to. Thank goodness I have a wonderful son that helps with all that stuff.

So business cards have been ordered, financing is being sorted out, Tyler has done a wonderful job on the new website, and best of all the new longarm has been ordered and arrives next week.  wow.

I can hardly wait for the new Q'nigue 21" on a 12' frame to get here.  Load up a play sampler quilt and practice, play and get ready for production December 1st. 

This week hopefully everything comes together.  We should have the space all sorted out with ..... well, quilting stuff.  Cutting table, shelving, design wall, bragging wall, All of the important opening a new business things.

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