Wednesday 30 October 2019

Zipper Pulls

Before I get started, just a note that the Twisted Copper Top store has migrated, has a brand new look and I'm getting good at web page management.  Quite the learning curve but awesome for the little grey cells. . Please have a look and any comments would be appreciated.

Once again it was time to get out all the beads and the lobster claws to make Zipper Pulls.
All the shiny beads

I love making these little bundles of bling.  It is the perfect thing to do on a stormy day.  Turn up the tunes and have fun mixing and matching beads and charms.

I picked up 50 gold mixed charms and 100 silver charms with a ocean theme.  After making 40 earring sets for the market it was a natural (and like I said, fun) thing to use the remainder for pulls.
Earrings for the market
When making multiples of any thing, spread out and make a mess.  It helps my creative flow to be able to see everything at a glance.  The only problem with that theory is that your work space seems to shrink with time.
Spreading out

My solution is to work on a tray with my note book set as the 'work zone'.  The tray catches all the little bits and pieces that get cut off or beads that run away.
Matching pairs

Once everything is spread out, the fun begins.

Oh I have to tell you about the great recycled container I discovered.  The trays of Sushi that you buy at the market, shaped like a boat, make the best little bead holder.  Then when you are all done just pour the beads back into their containers from the pointy end.
The top of a Sushi container.
Ok on to zipper pulls.

Lined up and read to mount on the display tags.

The combinations are endless and oh so pretty.

Beads that look like rock bubblegum, remember?

The earring display tags took a bit of thinking about to mount the pulls but with all the extra bits of wire from making the tree of life pendants, it was a waste not want not situation.
They look great.

All ready for market

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