Friday 14 July 2017

Thread Play Completed (maybe)

Well it is cleaned, trimmed and hanging on the wall.  Just a note that it is really long 5'10" x 1'7" wide.  The photo to the left is a panoramic I made with a new program that I could not figure out how to keep the squareness of the quilt.  So the top is square in real life.

Detail 1
I love how it turned out. Very organic.  I had intended to follow a scene or progression from sky to ocean bottom.  So hopefully with a little imagination the concept was achieved.  

Sun set to mountains as in detail 1.

Detail 2

Detail 3
Mountains to foothills a (detail 2) to pastures to shoreline (detail 3). Then to fish in the sea to the oceans sea bottom (detail 4).

I loaded the quilt back on the longarm to add a narrow thread border in order to keep the edges flowing and to try not make the quilt look rectangular.  But after having it on the wall for a few days have decided that something is missing.  I'm thinking it needs a branch to hang off or something  to add detail to the top of the quilt.

Detail 4

                                                                       Any suggestions or comments on whether or not to add a binding for the border or if you think a creative branch would solve the problem.  Thanks, tg.

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