Monday 24 July 2017

Fusing glass in a microwave kiln

I've been having so much fun wire wrapping glass lately that I have run out of pieces that tickle my fancy.  Time to make a few more.  It is always questionable as to what is going to turn out in the end and as of late I have had a few with cracks in them.  Beautiful but damaged.  So make more!!.

I always have to laugh at the prep it takes to make a few little bobbles.  Here is the supplies all spread out on the table ready to cut and design.
goodies to play with.
Not being sure what glass code the glass is  (bought a bit of scraps out of our local stained glass scrap bucket) I have been trying to keep clear glass with clear and opaque glass with opaque (not knowing the glass code may explain the cracking).

Today is red day, add a bit of clear and a very cute millefiori slice.  It should be cute.

fun to play with

When the are all designed and cut the glass is ready to put in the microwave kiln.  Making sure to put down a piece of kiln paper first.

Transfer the bottom to the microwave and making sure the glass hasn't moved place the top on and set the time.

All ready for the microwave
My microwave is 900 wats which means it takes a little more time to fire than a bigger and stronger microwave.  According to research some microwaves need as little as 2 min.  It is a trial and error to find what works best for each microwave.

The microwave I have seems to work best at 12 min.  Then it is a matter of waiting the 12 min and a quick peek to make sure it melted.  Make sure that you are wearing heat proof gloves as the kiln is really really hot.

Great gloves

It's hot!!
After a quick peek, close the lid and move the kiln to a save place.  I use a wire trivet to set the kiln on, on my bamboo cutting board just to make sure I don't scorch the counter.

On a trivet

And then you wait....... and wait..........and wait........even Carl waits, 

....... might as well pick tomatoes........... and wait.

Heart Patio Tomatoes

After about an hour check the kiln to make sure its cool, remove the lid and cross your fingers.  Lets see what we have?

Definitely not what I had in mind.  Interesting that the beautiful red glass turned almost black.

Has potential 

Oh well back to the cutting board.  Hummmm maybe opal glass next time.

Here is one that did turn out.  All wrapped and finished.

cute little fishy

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