Tuesday 11 July 2017

Thread Play day 5

The last bit of thread has been added and sewn
I was surprised at how much thread I had left.  Here I had been worried about not enough.  There are spots however that I could have made a little thinner as the longarm really had to chug to get over.
remaining thread

The whole art piece took 6 needle changes, a 3000 meter spool of thread for the bobbin (with only a half bobbin left) and 7 spools of variegated thread with not much left on them.

Whats left of the variegated thread.  I still had another spool of
thread for the bobbins, just in case.

Then came unloading the quilt and laying it on the floor . Omg is it ever long.  Just perfect.

All stretched out on the floor.
The next step was to fill the bath tub up with warm water and clean off all the wash away stabilizer.  Everyone got into it even the cats.

Rub a dub dub.
I rinsed about 3 times just to make sure to get all the starch out of the quilt.  Not wanting to squeeze the fabric and warp it in any way it was a matter of just standing for a few mins to drain some of the water before hanging it over the shower rod.  Hanging it over a towel and towels on the outside of the tub to catch the drips.

A few rinses. 

So now it is hanging by a few pins on the wall waiting for me to reload it onto the longarm and finish the edges.

Add a hanger and it will be completed.  Finished quilt on the next post.


  1. Very cool! I forgot all about that course we took!

  2. It was so much fun. Too funny that all of the stabilizer used on the tread play quilt was from that course. I had big plans at the time. lol


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