Saturday 29 August 2020

Table Toppers

 What do you do on your down time..... Here are a few of the smaller quilts I have been making from the leftover box. 

I hate to call my leftover box the scrap pile as I really never have scraps.  Preferring to use them up and try out new patterns at the same time.

Sometimes though you can just look at a fabric and say, that would be perfect as...... and make one of your old standards.

Even if you still have a small piece of fabric that you just couldn't fit into the top, don't forget the back.

All of these cute table toppers and candle mats are for sale in Seriously Pinned's shop at
862 Manawagonish Rd.
Saint John, NB.

So stop in say hi and have a look at the new quilts.  There is never any obligation and any comments are always welcome....if they are constructive.  
You never know you might just find a set of placemats that would be perfect on the sun room table.

 All are reasonably priced, washable and handmade with care and attention.

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